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Writing a scientific paper should prepare you well for your thesis. In this way you practice the scientific work itself. You also master correct bibliography or correct citation. The term paper is dedicated to a subject-specific topic or question and usually covers 10 to 20 pages. Before writing, you should make some preparations to find a proper topic and search for appropriate sources of literature. The chosen topic should interest you, because you will immerse yourself in it and spend some time on it. In the literature search help you (online) catalogs of the University Library, databases of the Institute, scientific journals and bibliographies in other works.

Next it goes to the structure of the homework. Roughly speaking, a homework has only three components: initiation, body and closure. These include cover page, contents and bibliography. The foundation of your homework is the structure. She takes care of the red thread of the text. The two together serve a stringent reasoning. So a well thought-out structure is half the way to a good grade. When you formulate the outline at the beginning, it helps you to follow the path you have chosen. However, you can also formulate it in the final phase. It’s best to start with a detailed literature search. So you come to necessary ideas, concepts and quotes. Develop a concrete question, develop the common thread and consider possible ways of solving the problem.

The structure of the homework actually determines the whole structure and the finished end product. That’s why we’ll take a closer look at them and give some tips on creating a proper structure.

General information

As is known, the homework consists of introduction, main part and conclusion. Of these, the main part must be divided into several chapters. Extensive work, such as master’s or doctoral theses, also includes introduction and conclusion. You do not have to do that when building a chore.

Outline of the introduction

Outline of the introduction can look like this:

  • Entry into the topic
  • Explanation of the question
  • research status
  • swell
  • objective
  • methods

The introduction accounts for about 10-20% of homework.

Outline of the main part

In the main part you go deep into the topic. Since this part is the longest, you need a meaningful structure. Thematic subchapters should logically come together. The main part is the core of the work and includes:

  • Definitions of main concepts
  • Meaningful theoretical concepts
  • Theoretical verification of the hypotheses
  • Theoretical sources (if available)
  • research results
  • Critical consideration of the results

In the main part is the “red thread”, so the central issue. You must not lose him out of focus. Digressing from the topic is also unnecessary. Build up the argumentation structure not only from your own arguments, but also from the opinions of different authors. Gain a critical character from your argument.

Outline of the trailer

The final section summarizes the current results of the research. You should draw your own conclusions from the work. Be sure to check if you have answered the original question. The final part consists of:

  • Conclusion
  • Possible further development of the research
  • This part is about 10%.

Patterns and forms of the outline

Usually, universities give some templates for formatting the outline. They are mostly uniform and differ little from each other. There you will find a pattern:

Topic: question of child care – women on the job market

1 Introduction

1.1 The childcare system

1.2 Family Policy

2nd part of the working women

2.1 Development of the current situation

2.2 Working time models in the Federal Republic

2.3 labor force participation in relation to childhood and the number of children

3. Childcare facilities

3.1 All-day childcare 

3.2 Other options

4. Institutional success in childcare

4.1 Cost issue

4.2 Effectiveness of care measures

5. Conclusion

6. Source and bibliography

It may seem to you that you can make an outline very fast, but you should pay attention to details. A logical and comprehensible chain of reasoning is very important and takes a lot of time. All sections of the text are part of the overall context. If necessary, you must prove your theoretical claims with empirical examples. The evaluation also takes into account the coherence of the text. The transition from one chapter to another should be logical and fluent. In fact, the structure causes many difficulties. Before submitting, you should check again whether all the chapters follow each other meaningfully. If you need help with it, you can contact a ghostwriter who will review and correct the structure of your work. The correction of the construction and the spelling go together. The right format is very important. That’s what the ghostwriter does. In the final phase, all details are considered. If necessary, the ghostwriter can rewrite some passages in the text. Worth mentioning are the language resources of a work. Our authors make sure that your text is written according to the latest rules and works academically. These are easy tasks for the experienced authors. Once your work is done, you can download it and continue to print it.

Ghostwriting Service saves you a lot of time, facilitates scientific writing and can teach you a lot. In the writing process, you are constantly advised by an expert, which could help you to better understand and gradually learn the writing and the research.